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I am now offering Episode One for free.

Over 96% of buyers of Episode One have continued on to purchase all subsequent episodes. It is my impression that if I provide new potential readers an easy path to the series of episodes, I will likely develop, and keep new readers.

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Before I present a brief description of Episode One, there is something that needs to be said.

The novel must place individuals within situations, where they conclude they are existing in both the past, and the future. Including time travel, within any novel, or screen play, has been described as the kiss of death. Even if the characters mistakenly assume they had traveled through time, that still might prevent my novel from escaping a readers dislike for the over used concept of time travel. Please remember I said they mistakenly came to the conclusion they had.

Even if I could demonstrate a potential reality to the reader that our present time of exponential growth of knowledge, and understanding in the scientific discipline called Physics could produce what I suggest, I might still lose a high percentage of potential readers. Nonetheless, there has been an exponential increase in our knowledge of two principles that suggest that both time, and physical space are far different from what we had previously considered factual.

Those two principles are quantum mechanics, and the membrane theory, also known as the M-theory. Both appear to be intertwined, and closely related.

Quantum mechanics has demonstrated two things:

  • Physical matter can exist in two places simultaneously.

  • They could, in fact, send a particle into the future, and then catch up with it.

Admittedly, the particle was small. No, it was smaller than tiny.

The Membrane Theory, or the M-theory, is a theory in Physics that unifies all consistent versions of superstring theory. It demonstrates that space is not what we have been led to believe. It is not a straight line.

If you wish to read more about it, and wade your way through the egocentric "I thought of this first, and before that other physicist, you can click on this Wikipedia M-theory link.

With the new multi-billion dollar CERN super collider in Europe, the world has been accelerating our knowledge even faster.

The writer, in this case, brings this information together for the reader, so that they might see what is being proposed could actually be within the realm of possibilities.

Here is the simple part. We, as residents of this time, and this reality, could well imagine that a door to manipulating all that we know, might have been found, and utilized by people of means, and intent. It might have taken only five years, or even ten years. The speed of obtaining sophisticated knowledge has been astounding.

Given a small amount of our own real time, what is being proposed within the novel, might well have become reality.         It is my hope to immerse the reader's minds in this potential reality.

If the M-Theory is correct, and I tend to believe that it is, then the distance between membranes could be a matter of only millimeters. If the dimensions described, within the theory, possess alternate realities, then we may be experiencing more than one. We might not even perceive any alterations to our own.

If we, even now, have acquired the knowledge, and technology to send anything, regardless of how small through time, we would be working on increasing the size, and mass. Our scientists, engineers, and especially military/intelligence people have consistently demonstrated a lack of concern over the concept of, "Simply because we can, should we?"

All you need do, in order to allow the scenario of this novel to be considered possible, is to decide that with all we have recently seen in the advancement of our knowledge of Physics, it might very well have provided access to the doors Physicists suggest are out there. The CERN project has costs billions to build, and millions per week to operate. Why, and who has allowed so much money to have been thrown at it, and who has so much to gain by investigating specific laws of physics?

Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked
From the novel: The Survival Guide For The One Percent

Blend Quantum Mechanics, with the M-Theory (Membrane Theory), and you obtain a door between membranes. Additional research provides the knowledge of how to send information through the door to specific people.

If you're a programmer watching this research develop, it doesn't take too many brains to figure out how to use the advantages to make yourself enormously wealthy. You could provide your ancestors with the proper times, and the proper places to be, when major discoveries are about to alter industry, and business.

The programmers did just that. They expected to benefit, by being the heirs to the fortunes of the financial dynasties they would create for their families.

They inadvertently created what we now refer to as the One Percent. Men of little to no significance became titans of industry. JD Rockefeller, for example, was the son of an elixir salesman, yet he rose to become the wealthiest man in the United States.

The programmers began to develop unexpected consequences. Some of the men they had chosen to become the ultra wealthy ignored the insights provided them, by their descendants. They became pawns in schemes to repeatedly crash economies. The programmers were unaware they were not alone in manipulating histories. F. Augustus Heinze, for example, became a pawn of a competing group. He was taught how to manipulate banking laws, and currency values, and precipitated the panic of 1907. This event changed political moods, and allowed for a vote to form the Federal Reserve system, within the U.S., and eventually what we have today, within every industrialized country.

Every criminal expects that they are smart enough to get away with their crime. These programmers expected their ancestors to be grateful, and to enrich their descendants. It doesn't turn out that way. Their ancestors decide to hide their trail, and deny any involvement with special insight.

Episode one provides the basics of how all of this came to begin. Subsequent episodes of the novel are about the chase for those involved, their attempts to retain the new history they created, and their attempts to escape their well deserved payback.

This novel is about the hunt, and the payback. The New One Percent, as well as the programmers, are being pursued, within their new histories, as well as the old. It's the story of how the war we're all now witnessing, between most of the ultra wealthy, came to begin.

I am offering Episode One for free.

Over 96% of buyers of Episode One have continued on to purchase all subsequent episodes. It is my impression that if I provide new potential readers an easy path to the series of episodes, I will likely develop, and keep new readers.

Click the text image above for a free download.

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This novel contains works of fiction. All characters depicted in this novel are fictitious.
The characters, incidents portrayed, and the names used are fictitious.
Any resemblance, similarity to name, character, or history of real persons, living or dead is
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